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You Have More Insurance Options Than You Think

While traditional life and critical illness insurance offer fantastic protection and good value for your family, if you’re having difficulty getting coverage because of a variety of personal health conditions there are still options available to you.

In recent years two new categories of insurance products have emerged:

1.    Guaranteed-Issue products – that offer coverage without the medical questions

2.    Simplified-Issue products – that provide various levels of coverage based on a few simple health questions    

If you have existing health issues that make obtaining insurance a bit more complicated, this is great news – you can still have some form of insurance coverage to protect yourself and your family. A great relief because everyone deserves the security and peace of mind that comes with it.

Keep in mind that the cost of premiums for guaranteed and simplified-issue products can be higher than traditional products are for healthy individuals, and it’s important to look at the benefits and waiting periods to ensure they meet your needs. If you have one or more conditions such as a previous cancer diagnosis, heart condition, diabetes, recreational drug use, depression, or a driving (e.g. DUI) record, you can take a look at both the traditional and the guaranteed/simplified issue products to assess the benefits and value in your unique situation.

You will also find that the process for issuing these policies is streamlined (without traditional full underwriting) so it’s fast and simple.